Mining software

Brief summary.

The Mining-Invest (formerly called Master Mineral) software was created for geological and economic valuation of mineral deposits and non-metallic ( potash particularly ) at the greenfield stage with categories exploration target or P1 + P2 resources ( RUSS c;assification) The software was created in 2002 in cooperation with the Department of Minerals of the Geological department of Moscow State University with the Laboratory of Economic Geology. The last web link

Dergachev A.L. Shvets S.M. Economics of subsoil use. Evaluation of mineral resources Investments 2 nd Edition. Manual for undergraduate and graduate.

Mining-Invest solves the following tasks:

  • evaluation of the complex extraction of metals (polymetallic ores, etc.) and non-metallic minerals (sylvinite ores) from mined ore;
  • mine life ;
  • evaluation of economic efficiency using the discount method (DCF) spreadsheet ;
  • calculation of the payback period (PB);
  • calculation of internal rate of return (IRR);
  • calculation of project profitability (NPV);
  • cash flow modeling (NCF) spreadsheet;
  • construction of the project's loan schedule;
  • the analysis of the sensitivity of the final performance indicators and the financial
  • risk analysis, analysis of multivariate project scenarios.

Discount rate calculations;

The software is adapted to assess the indigenous deposits of non-ferrous, rare and noble metals, nonmetallic minerals. It is possible to evaluate both the basis of 100% of own funds, and on the basis of bank project financing.

Mining-invest can be used by a geologist or mining engineer in the early stages of the study of an object (having only information on the proven reserves (C1 + C2) at brownfield stage or lower categories, exploration target , resources P1 + P2 and grades).

The calculation principles, as well as the proposed methodology, laid down in the PC "Mining-Invest", comply with international standards for the assessment of mineral deposits (Australia, Canada, USA). The methods of rapid assessment of investments in mineral deposits are based on international requirements and standards for the development of economic justifications for investment projects. These principles and standards are formulated in the methods of the World Bank, EBRD, UNIDO for project analysis in various industries.

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